Ten fast ways which help to lose weight


There are many ways to lose weight fast. Losing weight may look like a very tough job but one should not lose hope. Here are Ten fast ways which help to lose weight. Making small changes in your lifestyle will help you in losing weight fast. Some crash diets will encourage you to stay hungry for long hours which helps only temporary weight loss.

Ten fast ways which help to lose weight:


Eat protein, vegetables and fats:

Each one of your meal should include fats, protein and fats.  The recommended range of protein per day is 30-40 grams. When it comes to losing weight, protein plays an important role.

Protein-rich sources: Meat, beef, pork, fish, eggs, chicken.


Eat breakfast:

Eating proper breakfast every day cuts down the unnecessary snacks throughout the day. If you are skipping breakfast it will automatically lead to weight gain.


Lift weights:

Lifting weights will increase metabolism and reduces weight loss. The best option is to go to gym 3-4 days a week. Do warmup, stretches and lift weights. By lifting weights you will burn calories and prevents your metabolism. You can also reduce weight by doing jogging, running and walking.


Eat fats:

To, cut the bad fat in your body. You can eat good fats this includes cheese, nuts and dried fruits.


Cut sugars:

These are the foods will help secretion of insulin more. Insulin is the main storage of fats. You should also avoid sugary drinks and juices to lose weight fastly.


Low Carb:

Beginning with low carbs will help weight loss faster. Once you have proper weight then you can go with proper carbs.


Get enough sleep:

Poor sleep is one the factor for weight gain. A good night sleep is important for everyone. Here are some reasons sleep is important

  • Poor sleep will make you fat
  • Sleep improves immune system
  • Good sleepers will eat few calories.
  • Poor sleep affects hormones and appetite.
  • Good sleep help concentration and memory power.


Eat your food slowly:

Fast eaters will gain weight easily. Eating slow will makes you feel more boost and feel.


Eat soluble fiber:

Consuming soluble fiber regularly will help you in weight loss. Especially in the belly area, it will help you. It’s possible to increase your intake of soluble fiber through supplements but getting from natural foods is important. Whole grains, legumes, apple, seeds, peas, nuts, oranges, dates and citrus fruits are among the high soluble fiber foods.


Drink water before meals:

Drinking water a half hour before meals will help you in weight loss. Because the water provides a sense of fullness. So, you will not have much food needed.


Bottom line: You can expect a lose of weight. But, it depends on the person how it will happen.

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