Strength tests that help every person who goes to gym


Strength is a very important aspect of everyone is to achieve. The best way to know your strength is to do some physical test then you can come to know that you wish to achieve. Here are some Strength tests that help every person who goes to gym. The following strength tests will be for regular weightlifters not for beginners.


Here are some body parts to make strength:

  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Legs
  • Biceps



Push-ups are a very simple movement that works very good on upper body muscles. One should perform three sets of 12 push-ups for better muscle strength in your body. There are some variations of push-ups one can work on that.

  • Single leg push-up
  • Knuckle push-up
  • Clap push-up
  • Narrow-grip push-up


Bench press:

A bench press is one of the important physical strength. It should be equal to your body weight. You should perform four sets of 3 reps. There are few variations in the bench press.

  • Decline Bench press
  • Incline Bench press
  • Flat Bench press
  • Reverse Bench press



One of the best for building total body strength and size. Every lifter should do Deadlifts for muscle strength and gaining muscle. But, it should be done in proper way. Deadlifts will build muscle, full body strength and improves your posture.


Dumbbell row:

The dumbbell row is one of the important body strength. It develops strong muscle strength and arms on your body. There are two different variations in dumbbell row.

  • Bend over one arm long bar row
  • Bend over two dumbbell row



Squats are known as leg exercise but, they will help your entire body and strengthens muscle and flexibility. Here are some benefits of doing squats.

  • Burn more fat
  • Build muscle in the entire body.
  • maintains balance and mobility.



Kettlebells are steel weight. Regular exercise with kettlebells will increase strength and flexibility in your body. Get kettlebells which weigh to your weight and walk for 10 minutes. There are few different variations of exercises which can be done using one or two kettlebells.

  • High pull
  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Floor press
  • Push press
  • Arm bar floor press
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