Important protein powders and how it works


In this days more and more bodybuilders are developing everywhere. Whether the type of protein is soy, milk and whey it is all about protein. Protein is important in muscle building, hormones and improves the immune system. Here are some Important protein powders and how it works. Have a look


The benefits of protein:

Protein helps in the production of muscles and also helps in improving hormones, enzymes. If you are consuming less protein it does not develop the structure of cells and organs in your body. After work out one should consume protein into the body to build muscles. If you’re taking solid food it takes more time to digest in the body. so, better to take protein shakes which digest fast and give you result quickly.


Whey protein:

Whey protein is the most common form of protein. This protein will be in liquid form. It is formed from once the curd is separated from cheese making process. It can easily digestible and helps in weight loss program. Here are some benefits of whey powder which helps you in your daily life.

  • It reduces cancer
  • Gives you strength
  • Fights against cancer
  • Improves immune system


Pea powder:

Pea protein is extracted from pea. Pea protein is a complete protein. Compare to whey protein pea protein is good for building muscles. Many people think that pea powder doesn’t give you muscle gain it is totally wrong. If you see in plant-based forms pea powder will give you more amount of protein. The pea powder contains 85% protein which is great for muscle gain. Also, pea powder digests slowly and gives you a better body composition. It is a pure form of protein when compared to other products.


Egg protein:

Eggs are an important source of protein. One full boiled egg contains 6grams of protein. Our body can easily digest any form of egg-like boiled, fried and omelet. Eggs not only gives you protein but also gives vitamins like A and B. Proteins help you to build and repair the tissues in the body. Both the whites and yolks contain protein but, whites contain more amount of protein.


Soy protein:

Soy protein is a plant-based protein and it has come from soybeans. This is high in protein and fiber. It is a natural plant-based protein which has a high amount of protein, rich in vitamins and minerals. Soybeans also contain all amino acids. So, we can say soy protein is one of the important vegetable plant-based protein powder.


Brown rice protein powder:

The Brown rice powder contains 25g per 35g serving and also has 5grams carbs. We can’t say this powder is completely a protein powder. But, it also contains high fiber, vitamins like A and  B. This protein powder will give you muscle growth and gaining strength.


The Combination of both pea protein and brown rice is excellent. This combination will help you from recovery and muscle growth because they are a rich source of protein.


Here are some favorite protein powders are:

  • Plant fusion vanilla bean
  • Nutrilite all plant protein
  • Olena plant protein vanilla bean
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